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Gift Card Bonus!
With every $50 gift card purchase you will receive a BONUS $5. Purchase $100 get $10, purchase $250 get $25 BONUS!
Call the Shop 412-257-2557 or send an email (kideweknot at gmail dot com) or facebook message and we will arrange payment and delivery.
Thank you for supporting Your Local Yarn Shop!

Mystery Bags!
Do you love a surprise? Need a little excitement?
We have mystery bags available for you.
Each bag is full of fiber lover goodness, at a great price! $30 bag ($50 value) $40 bag ($60 value) or $60 bag ($100 value)!  Bag values are a minimum.
Consider a mystery bag and gift card combo!
A little fun now and a little more fun later.
Contact us today!

<![CDATA[Binge Worthy]]>Tue, 24 Mar 2020 19:01:55 GMThttp://kideweknot.com/blog/binge-worthyPicture
Who's spending more time than usual watching movies and listening to audio books? My hand is up!
And like you, I am knitting and crocheting.
Have you thought about making inspired by your favorite shows?
We have a bundle in our Ravelry Favorites inspired by Outlander. Super Bulky cowls (combine stash yarns to make super unique combinations!) gauntlet mitts, and capes. These types of projects are great gifts for the fans on your list!
Do a search for your favorite genre. (Set a timer, I spent too much time poking around with these!) If it is a popular TV series or Movie, there is pattern support for you!
Dr. Who
Star Trek
Harry Potter
Little Women

Are you a reader?
Try a search of the author or genre you enjoy. This produced some unexpected results!
Jane Austen
Sci fi

One Last Tip!
If you haven't looked at the library app, Libby, it is free and a great resource for audiobooks. Likewise, Hoopla is another app that many libraries use to make other types of content available to you, including movies!

<![CDATA[Low Tech in High Stress Times]]>Sat, 21 Mar 2020 01:40:14 GMThttp://kideweknot.com/blog/low-tech-in-high-stress-timesWell, as fancy as I think I want to be for you. I'm not.
I'm a yarn lady! I can get pretty fancy with yarn. So, I'll take it where I have it.

In the Meantime...

Saturday (3/21/2020) is looking to be a full day in the Shop for me. Not for you, though, because we are on lock-down here in PA and that means that the doors are closed, but I am connecting with my peeps via Facebook Messenger, email, and telephone to prepare packages for shipping.
You can call the shop tomorrow (3/21/2020) between 10 and 2 for an answer to your yarn and notion needs. If you get the voicemail or the answering machine, leave a message!

Sunday is a Day of Rest

It is too easy for me to be a workaholic. Especially when I have access to so much from home.
In NORMAL times, (ah, remember last week?) I was pretty good about being present at work during work hours and home during home hours. But now, I am having trouble shutting myself down. Sure, it is uncertainty and stress. Sure, everyone is feeling it. Sure, we all need a break.
So, I am going to not look at anything digital on Sunday.
Yes. I said it. And I am truly going to do my best to do it.
If you need me, I will answer you on Monday. And if I answer you on Sunday, give me an electronic rap on the knuckles.

<![CDATA[March 20th, 2020]]>Fri, 20 Mar 2020 12:30:00 GMThttp://kideweknot.com/blog/march-20th-2020

The Holidays
aren't going to
make themselves!

I am a fan of warm hands.
A gentleman in shop last week informed me that it isn't necessarily that I am negatively charged (as one darling husband may have asserted) but the fact that women generally have colder hands than men is the reason I have a hard time getting my touch devices to respond consistently. That is nice to know! And further justification for all of the fingerless mitts in my life.
So, of course, I think that knits (and crochets- wait, you know what I mean) for hands are a great gift. Not only can most be accomplished with 50-100 grams of yarn, but they can be as complicated or simply constructed as you like. Mitts are a fabulous palette for color play in the making and the embellishing! Beads, embroidery, needle felting... really, you have bits and pieces in your stash to incorporate and mash up and elaborate the humble, practical mitt into coveted gift.
I think it is super important to remember as we are digging through our stashes to be open to the mixing and matching of friendly yarns. Carry a mohair along with a wool, add stripes into a pattern that is plain, make coordinating but not matching mitts! (that is a heretical statement in our house. ask me sometime about Erika's socks)
Here's a link to our Favorites Bundle of Hands.
My personal faves:
Last Minute Mittlets - chunky/bulky and so fast. I love them for myself and gifting. I make many of these every year even though I tell myself that I'm not going to... Don't have a chunky in your stash? How about holding multiple strands- fingering and dk? worsted and lace weight mohair? dk doubled? just check your gauge and go!
X-Mitts- written for both Fingering and Worsted, knit flat or in the round. This pattern is awesome for a hand-dyed yarn. Fun for the knitter is key!
Kwolek- sport weight and designed by Helena, one of our favorite designers and member of the Oink Pigments dye team. And considering how crazy popular the days are when she visits in shop, you have some Oink Pigments yarn in your stash (we have some in shop if you need a refresher). This pattern works well with solids or hand-dyes or a mixture. Again, fun to make!

<![CDATA[With a Little Help from Our Friends]]>Thu, 19 Mar 2020 01:37:16 GMThttp://kideweknot.com/blog/with-a-little-help-from-our-friends
I got a nice email from Grace Akhrem (I'm pretty sure I am not the only person on her email list) and she offered some great suggestions about how to support your Local Yarn Shop in these uncertain times of closure and health concerns. I have amended it a bit for the services that you are able to receive from Kid Ewe Knot.

Please note that it doesn't simply mean throwing your credit card at me (but you can if you want! Just kidding)

Here are some ways you can support your favorite shop(s) during these uncertain times, and help them keep their doors open and their staff employed:

  •  call them up and see if you can order what you need. Facebook Messages and emails also work for this.

  • Call your local yarn shop and see what services they are offering, such as curb side pick up, free delivery, or even free shipping. You don't need to call to ask, we are doing all of this for you. Many have taken advantage of the convenience, thank you! Feel free to call and place an order.

  • Keep up with them on Facebook and Instagram to see what they are doing, what's new and how you can help support them during this time. Don't forget to share their posts with your friends. This is wonderful and helps me feel connected to you. We are full of inspiration. I am not kidding when I say that I love show and tell and that my favorite thing to do is to help you become an even better knitter or crocheter!

  • If you see a pattern you like on Ravelry, ask you LYS if you can buy it through them first. A lot of Ravelry patterns are available in the Ravelry "In store" option, allowing you to purchase the pattern through your favorite LYS at the same retail price you would normally pay, while still adding it to your library. This allows the shops to take a small percentage of the sale - everyone wins! Of Course, check out Grace Akhrem's Pattern Library on Ravelry. And if you ask and the option is not available, PLEASE let the designer know that you would prefer to be able to purchase in shop. It is a convenience for you and great exposure for designers- I don't make samples of patterns that are not made available for in-shop purchase.

  • This is already a competitive business and very difficult to maintain a steady cashflow - help out your shops today and during the months to come by purchasing a gift card (for your self) and then using it a later time, maybe even waiting until the holiday season if you can afford to wait till then.

  • Get a jump on you holiday knitting now. See which patterns and kits shops are offering to help you stay busy during this time. Please see our previous posts and keep an eye for upcoming posts about this very topic! Plus, on Facebook and Instagram I am constantly sharing inspiration that is available for in-store purchase.

<![CDATA[Use Your Stash!]]>Mon, 16 Mar 2020 16:30:00 GMThttp://kideweknot.com/blog/use-your-stashFirst, Do This:
Look at your stash. This is how I would begin.
  1. Pull it all out. Ok, maybe not ALL of it, but at least what you can get to easily. Did this just reveal too much about my stash? Anyway, pull it out and look at it. Admire how consistent you are! I wager that you have a theme to what you enjoy collecting. Embrace it!
  2. Organize, categorize, create some order. What are your immediate plans for making? Are you looking for gift worthy combinations? Are you looking to make something especially beautiful for yourself? What is going to make you the most happy and fully engaged for the next week or two?
  3. Look for friends. Remember that your yarns can go together in ways other than same color/brand/weight. Your yarn can make friends that are more fuzzy or more multi-colored or complimentary colored. Create groupings of yarns that look nice and play well together- then, throw in one that creates some drama. We all have a friend like that and the party is always better with them included.
  4. Make a list. Or, take a picture of your inspired groupings. This will make it easier to pull out what you want to do next without too much thought.

Then What?

Head over to Ravelry. If you have updated your library previously with the books and magazines in your possession, do an advanced search of the weight and yardage of your yarn-friends to match them with your personal library. You can also search for matching criteria in your Favorites. Or just do a search of the entire Ravelry database. If that is too many choices, narrow down your search to the item category you wish to make.

And because we are all feeling a bit overwhelmed, Kid Ewe Knot is here to help with even more ideas. We love to make bundles in our favorites. Click HERE to see 99 hat inspirations. These are perfect for one (100g) skein of yarn, or combination to get you there.

Ellen is modelling (below) the Lighthouse Hat- which we have kits for in shop. We make it with Davila (light worsted, merino) held together with a Silk/Mohair lace weight (we have a couple different brands in stock) and size 9 needles. Pom-Pom optional, but who doesn't love a furry pom-pom? Quick, soft and awesome. Amazing for your basket of gifts.
Contact us for purchasing details.

<![CDATA[For the Health and Safety of our Community]]>Mon, 16 Mar 2020 02:09:08 GMThttp://kideweknot.com/blog/for-the-health-and-safety-of-our-communityWe love our community of makers. We take our responsibilities very seriously. And we are honoring the request made today by our Allegheny County Health Department for non-essential retail to close for 14 days and implement alternative work strategies. We will reopen to the public at 10 am on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.
You can watch the full statement HERE

What are these alternative work strategies?

We know that however we might have been anticipating this, it still feels all of a sudden. But, while we will not be open to the public, I am still available to ship to you and to offer curbside pick-up by appointment. We have needles, we have kits, we have YARN for whatever project you need to cast on to protect your sanity.

How do I make arrangements for my purchases?

Facebook Messenger is an acceptable way to contact us. Email ( kideweknot "at" gmail "dot" com- with appropriate @ and .) is also good. Phone messages are ok, but will not be checked as frequently.
Let us know what you need and we will respond with arrangements for payment and delivery.

We will do our best to respond to your requests quickly (within 90 minutes) during typical business hours (10am-5pm).

Is Kid Ewe Knot going out of Business?

We take these measures to reassure our community of our commitment to you. And with your support and commitment to us, when this passes (which it surely will) we will be back to business as usual.

What shall I look forward to in April?

Local Yarn Shop Day on Saturday, April 25, 2020!
And I am going to use the next two weeks to add classes and events to our calendar to inspire us to even more creativity.

Is it OK to knit/crochet my Stash in the meantime?

OF COURSE! Isn't this what we collected it for? Use it now and replenish later.
Keep an eye on this blog and you will see lots of inspiration and helpful suggestions for using your stash wisely. Especially 1, 2, and 3 skein projects.
It is insanely clever to use this time to get a huge head-start on Holiday Gifts. This could be the year that you bless the usually bottom-of-the-handmade-gift-list. I don't know about you, I tend to run out of time before I ever get through my entire list! This year can be different.

Please, Take Care of Yourself.
Be Respectful of your Neighbors.
Keep a Positive Attitude.
Stay Safe.

We Love being your Local Yarn Shop. We are not here without you and we are GRATEFUL for your support and encouragement all year.
Thank you.

<![CDATA[Pittsburgh Stitch N Pitch 2020]]>Tue, 10 Mar 2020 17:41:14 GMThttp://kideweknot.com/blog/march-10th-2020

Summer Dreaming

We are looking forward to sunny and warm days! Join us for the 2020 Stitch n Pitch at PNC Park on Saturday afternoon, June 6 for the 4:05 game. Bring your stitching and sunscreen and we will root, root, root for the home team.

<![CDATA[Flu Season and Beyond]]>Tue, 10 Mar 2020 15:54:24 GMThttp://kideweknot.com/blog/flu-season-and-beyond
We maintain a clean shop.
That means that we clean and disinfect daily. All year.
During Flu Season, we make extra sure that there is tissue and hand sanitizer available for your use and that commonly touched surfaces are disinfected. The restroom gets plenty of attention and we are stocked with hand soap and paper towels. 
It seems pretty certain that COVID-19 is going to make its appearance in our region, and our daily practices are already meeting suggested guidelines. 
In addition to maintaining calm perspective, we are not going to come to work sick.
And we ask that if you are sick, please stay home and take good care of yourself.
Do you need something? Needle, notion, yarn, pattern? We are here for you!
We are happy to deliver your package to our curb if you would rather not come inside. 
We are happy to ship to you if the mailbox is as far as you can go.
Give us a call (412.257.2557) and we will do our best to help keep you safe and productive.

<![CDATA[More Adventures than You Can Shake a Stick at]]>Mon, 02 Sep 2019 19:56:17 GMThttp://kideweknot.com/blog/more-adventures-than-you-can-shake-a-stick-atDenmark and the Faroe Islands
September 17-27, 2020 is the next fiber adventure we have planned for you!
We will arrive in Copenhagen and enjoy the sights, including an evening at the Tivoli Gardens! Then we head off to the Faroes to experience yarn, a knitting workshop, sheep, natural beauty, scenic walks and more. Next, we head back to Copenhagen for more exploring and Strikkefest- a knitting festival! Of course, we'll squeeze in a castle, too.
Click HERE for the complete itinerary.

Cost is $5000 and includes airfare from Pittsburgh.
$500 is due with registration.
Click below for the registration form.
Please turn in your deposit and completed registration to Kid Ewe Knot, I will mail them all together.

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