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Fiberside Chat- Vincent Williams

Fiberside Chat- Vincent Williams

Universal Colorwork Across Crafts
Colorwork is one of the exciting ways that makers can explore their self expression and creativity! Have you ever encountered a beautiful colorwork design, but the pattern is written for a craft different from your own? Join Vincent for an evening of fun introductions on how to access and expand your realm of colorwork by working with designs that’ve been created as either knitted OR crochet pattern. Knitters, grab your needles, and crocheters, bust out your hooks, because we hope all of your minds are ready to craft even more colorwork than before!

vincent with crochet hook and yarn crown

Vincent Williams is the crochet and knitwear designer behind @visuvios_crafts , which was born from his longing for stunningly timeless knits that’ll keep you warm in the coldest of mid-winter horse pastures. When he isn’t crafting, he’s working with dogs, horses, and playing music. So if you ever see him without headphones and a tapestry crochet design in the works, you are truly in for a treat! Join all the crafty vibes of his maker journey on Instagram and visit for cozy creations, monthly Maker Mood playlists, and fun patterns for makers just like you!

Register here.
This is a one-time live Zoom Event on Saturday, May 8th at 6:00pm Eastern, 5:00pm Central, 4:00pm Mountain, 3:00pm Pacific.

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