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Free Shipping on $100+ orders
Glamping with Sharon from Security- it's a KAL!

Glamping with Sharon from Security- it's a KAL!

multi-color blanket

Casapinka has done it again! Colorful and full of stitch-y goodness, this blanket is just the warm, hug-able delight you would want in a November KAL that officially begins on Friday. We used Chunky Merino Superwash and the cat size blanket is in shop for you to touchy, feely, squeezy. While lovely for a cat, it is a perfect car seat/stroller size blanket. You have 4 size options for your blanket and lots of color choices! You can find the SHARON'S GLAMPING BLANKET pattern on Ravelry or in shop.

Choose your size of glamping blanket:
Finished Measurements
1. Cat – 18 X 22.  
2. Baby Blanket/Small Dog/Portly Cat – 24 X 36”   
3. Dog and Lap Blanket – 35 X 44”   
4. Sofa Blanket – 46 X 58”

Yarn Amounts for color per size: Cat (Baby, Dog, Sofa)
Color A. 1 (2, 3, 5)hanks/ 68 (143, 250, 430)g;
Color B. 1 (2, 2, 4) hanks/55 (114, 200, 344)g
Color C. 1, (2, 2, 4) hanks/55 (114, 200, 344)g
Color D. 1, (1, 2, 3) hanks/37 (77, 135, 231)g

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