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The Yarnit ™ ball of wool holder can be used both as a wool dispenser and as practical storage for balls of wool and knitting accessories. The transparent plastic sphere has space for one ball of wool and the upper opening allows knitting needles to be stored, thus saving space and protecting your knitting. As you knit, the yarn is guided flexibly through the side opening, ensuring a smooth supply of yarn to your needle and the optimum grip of the dark violet, non-slip base prevents the wool dispenser from slipping on a variety of surfaces. Especially practical: an additional, integral, small storage unit in the base lets you store knitting accessories, such as stitch markers. Since the sphere can be opened, you can remove the yarn fully at any time. Knitting on holiday or when out and about? No problem, because the shoulder straps supplied make the Yarnit ™ ball of wool holder easy to transport.