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Fabulous Ewe


Enrollment Open December 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021

Enrollment is closed for 2021.

Fringe Benefits are fun, and they are a great motivator. Who doesn't like getting gift cards in the mail??

But we decided that you deserve MORE!

So here it is - our best Reward Club:

Fabulous Ewe 2021!!

Is this different than Fringe Benefits?
Yes! This program is the next level up for serious knitters and crocheters. We have a limited number of spaces available each year, but we want our Fringe friends to have the first chance to get started. The benefits include:

  • A special, club exclusive, hand-dyed colorway from Miss Knotty (Carly) that will be available in April (over $30 value)
  • Limited edition KEK accessories and SWAG!
  • Early access to special events and classes
  • Exclusive access to The Fabulous Ewe Facebook Group
  • Double Fringe on one purchase during your birth month
  • Surprise opportunities for extra fringe-club members only
  • Extra points and bonus opportunities for certain special events
  • 25% Discount off CustomFit Sweater Club membership
  • An additional 2% above the everyday Fringe gift card reward - a total 7% back!! 

So how does this work if I already have a Fringe Benefits card?
We will add up your purchases on your Green Fringe card and transfer them to the first box on your new BLUE Fringe card. You will receive your usual note in the mail with your Fringe Benefits after filling 6 boxes on your new card.

Show and Tell to earn points!
After you finish your next fabulous project made with at least 75% KEK yarn, bring it into the shop. We love to see your accomplishments and it is inspiring to us,too. We will reward you with points based on the table table below.

fabulous ewe points page

What does 250 points get me?
Bring in your completed projects (containing at least 75% KEK purchased yarn) and earn points! When you earn 250 points in one calendar year, you will automatically enrolled for free in our Fabulous Ewe Club for the following calendar year. 

Can I still be in the club if I don't earn 250 points?
You can! We love everyone who makes projects with our yarn, so even if you don't hit the 250 point level, you can still join us.

  • 250 points - automatic free renewal for following calendar year
  • 200 points - enrollment fee is 75% off
  • 150 points - enrollment fee is 50% off
  • 100 points - enrollment fee is 25% off

What is the enrollment fee?
If you have no points, your yearly fee for our FABULOUS EWE 2021 club is $75.

Yes, you can use your Fringe Benefits gift card towards the fees, if you have earned one. Plus, this is a great gift for a knitter or crocheter! Sign-up someone you love! Enrollment for 2021 will be open from December 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021.

Remember to bring in your projects to get credit toward your 2021 FABULOUS EWE reward card!