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Fiberside Chat with Gudrun Johnston

Fiberside Chat with Gudrun Johnston

Register Here to join Gudrun for a wee virtual journey to Shetland. Learn about the traditional Shetland Hap, an heirloom item that has been a jumping off point for many of Gudrun's shawl designs over the years. She will demonstrate how to start these shawls using the modern method and also share one of her favorite spit splicing tricks to start a new color exactly where you need it! Gudrun will be showing you some of her available shawl designs based on hap constructions and she will share a preview of a soon to be released shawl pattern for which you will get a special discount coupon! On top of all that, Gudrun will also give us a sneak peek of her soon to be published book based on knitwear her mum designed in the 70s in Shetland.
Gudrun Johnston fiberside chat

Gudrun was born in Shetland in the 70's when her mother was running the successful knitwear design company, The Shetland Trader. She spent her early years in Shetland and the rest of her childhood on mainland Scotland in various locations. Some 30 years later and now living in the U.S, she has followed in her mother's footsteps by reviving the Shetland Trader name, and has made a niche for herself in the knitwear design industry. Gudrun often includes aspects of her heritage in her work. Her third book of knitwear will be published this year and is based on her mum's work.

Gudrun frequently travels back to Shetland where her father currently lives. She has attended and taught at Wool Week many times and was the Wool Week patron in 2017. She also brings groups of knitters on week long trips to Shetland in the summer months. Her designs can be found on and on and she shares more on her Instagram feed

This is a one-time live Zoom Event on Saturday, April 10th at 4:00pm Eastern, 3:00pm Central, 2:00pm Mountain, 1:00pm Pacific.


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