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You're Fabulous and we'll help you get your projects FINISHED!

You're Fabulous and we'll help you get your projects FINISHED!

There's still time to sign up for or renew your 2021 Fabulous Ewe membership.

You can refresh yourself on what it means to be Fabulous over here, but the gist of it is bonus Fringe Benefits and points for completed projects with yarns purchased at Kid Ewe Knot.

I was reading this article and it reminded me why we began the Fabulous Ewe club in the first place. To help YOU get your projects FINISHED! Not just "mostly", not just "only ends to weave", not "just needs to be blocked", not "5 more rows", but really and truly DONE so that you get points. You also get congratulations and admiration and even clapping on occasion. To help you get to the applause, we are here for you for support, encouragement, inspiration and instruction. From the article, talking about how to get past procrastination:

Talking about it can even help you push through it. Sirois helped conduct a study that found social support can reduce some of the stress that makes procrastination happen. There’s emotional social support, where you say “I’m struggling with this, can I vent?” And there’s informational social support, which looks like asking “Have you ever done this? Can you give me some tips?”

It feels really good to get those WIPs off the needles. That's what Fabulous Ewe is meant to do. Bonus? It is a great group of makers that (when we can gather again) encourage each other, inspire each other, motivate each other, and even compete a little to try to keep up with that amazing sweater maker.

Join us, for the love of an FO!

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